Connecting Publishers and Advertisers Via Niche Marketing Channels.

Welcome to Niche Ad Network, a CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising network for Advertisers and Publishers focusing on niche markets.

Niche Ad Network was created out of the idea that there should be an affordable and reliable Advertising platform that caters to niche market site owners.

Niche Ad Network allows you to buy ad space on related high traffic niche market web sites.

Who wants to pay over $3 dollars a click for a AdWords ad? No one does. That’s why at Niche Ad Network your campaigns will start at .50 cents per click. The best part is that all of our  traffic is relevant to your niche. For example, if you have a website geared towards the Seniors market then you can promote your website, product or services in our Seniors Ad Network. 

Being an Advertiser here at Niche Ad Network means that you can target specific niche related sites to display your banner or text ads. The Niche Ad Network Publisher Network consists of thousands of niche market sites waiting to help you sell more products and services. Niche Markets include Seniors, Christians, Gaming, Technology, Healthcare and more.

Niche Ad Network takes click fraud very seriously. We have checks and balances in place that assures Advertisers won’t have to pay for fraudulent clicks.

Being a Publisher here at Niche Ad Network means that you get 50% commissions paid on a net 7 basis. Even better, if you’re an established Publisher, we’ll send you a payout whenever you request one!

About Niche Ad NetworkReach more relevant visitors by promoting your niche market product or service in our niche market advertising network.